Sunday, August 1, 2010


Following basic training, Allan would end up in Mainz, Germany at Lee Barracks near Wiesbaden where he would serve the remainder of his four years in the military. There is not a lot of history available for Lee Barracks, but Dad remembered it used to be an underground airbase during world war II. Planes would land and a portion of the runway would lift up so the plane could be stored underground. It was here at Lee Barracks that Allan met what would end up being one of his very good friends throughout his life, Brad Carter. Allan and Brad were stationed together at Camp Pendleton and were at Lee Barracks together. Brad joined the church while stationed in Germany and a few years later would be one of the first african americans to receive the priesthood. Although out of the military by this time, Allan and Brad were together when President Spencer W. Kimball announced that blacks could receive the priesthood. Dad would tell of hugs and tears of joy at this momentous occasion. Brad would later serve a mission to Haiti.

Dad's memories of Germany were centered around church activities rather than military, a testament to his continual faith and ability to place priorities where they should be. However, he does recall his military experiences as being very bland. While stationed in Germany he would attend church in an old German Secret Service building as part of the Kaiserslautern Stake. Although not recorded Allan's children remember him telling of his experiences, particularly in the church while serving in Germany.

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  1. I don't remember Dad's stories about Germany. Will you be recording them in here?